My Valentine’s Ninja Book Swap!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


This year I decided to participate in THE VALENTINE’S NINJA BOOK SWAP. Everyone had to sign up by the 30th January, and (to quote the sign up page) “the basic idea behind it is that everybody who wants to participate is matched up with somebody else and sends them a parcel containing a couple of books from their wishlists, plus a card and a little present of some description.”

My gifts came courtesy of Orli @ Blame My Bookshelf.

The first book I got from her was Falling Fast by Sophie McKenzie. It sounds like a really interesting book, and a perfect Valentine’s Day read.

The second book I got from her was Solace of the Road by Siobhan Dowd. I had never heard of this book or the author before, but the book sounds like it has a lot of potential – though, I think it will be a sad read.

Orli also got me a Memo Pad, and wrote a nice little note for me (which isn’t pictured).


If you missed out on taking part in The Valentine’s Ninja Book Swap, then don’t despair! They will be holding another book swap in the summer and they will have one for Hallowe’en. You can find out more information and get reminded about future book swaps by following their Twitter account @NinjaBookSwap.

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