Bout of Books 8.0 – Day Five

Day 5 ā€“ Friday August 23rd 2013.

I ended up doing a lot of travelling today, so almost all my reading took place on public transport. When I was home I didn’t end up reading because I was so tired šŸ˜¦ I also realised that tomorrow isn’t really going to happen for me on the reading front as I’m spending the day with my Mum in London. It also means I’m going to totally fail one of my challenges – taking part in a Twitter Chat. Opps.

Number of Books Read Today:Ā  1 ā€“ CROWN OF MIDNIGHT (continued)
Number of Books Read in Total: 2
Total Pages Read Today: 73
Total Pages Read: 700

2 thoughts on “Bout of Books 8.0 – Day Five

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