Rabbit hole escaped :)

I just got back from posting in my EMA (that’s End of Module Assignment, yeah I keep thinking of MTV’s EMAs and of the Educational Maintenance Allowance too!). Irritatingly we’re not “allowed” to use Recorded Delivery, so I’ve had to settled for Proof of Posting. I wanted to track it Every. Step. Of. The. Way. Damnit!!! Now the waiting game starts.

I’m not good at the waiting game.


Not. Good.

On brighter news, I can actually start reading and therefore blogging again – this isn’t actually a blog post, really 😉 I’ve got two books left over from last year which I’ve already read, but as you saw in this post life decided to rear its head. Seriously not cool! I’d actually starting writing a review for one, so hopefully my first book blog of the year won’t be too far off. No promises though.

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