Trying to escape the rabbit hole

My posting to the blog has become almost non-existent. Sorry! I had drafts of post all lined up to post from the end of November to early December. I even had thoughts on how I was going to handle Christmas and the New Year, and what my first post of 2012 was going to be. You see, I had to be organised because I’ve got a 5,0o0 word essay due on January 16th which I’m going to have to send by post. Unfortunately life decided to rain on my parade. My plans all fell into ruin because I got swamped in trying to prepare for my essay at the end of November and then in early December I had an allergic reaction to some medication I was taking. That stopped everything. It was not fun. I’m still not one hundred percent, but I do have enough energy to go back to being me. I’m still going to try to post what I was going to do for Christmas and New Year, but there will for certain be no more reviews posted on this blog until mid-January. Sorry. I wish life hadn’t decided to rain on me, but it did. In case I don’t get the chance to post again, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas (whether you celebrate it or not) and that you have a fantastic New Year.

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