Review: Allegiance of Honour by Nalini Singh

Allegiance of Honour by Nalini Singh (UK edition)

Title: Allegiance of Honour (A Psy-Changeling Novel, 15)
Author: Nalini Singh
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Gollancz (16th June 2016)

The Psy-Changeling world has undergone a staggering transformation and now stands at a crossroads. The Trinity Accord promises a new era of cooperation between disperate races and groups. It is a beacon of hope held together by many hands: old enemies. New allies. Wary loners.

But a century of distrust and suspicion can’t be so easily forgotten and threatens to shatter Trinity from within at any moment. As rival members vie for dominance, chaos and evil gather in the shadows and a kidnapped woman’s cry for help washes up in San Francisco, while the Consortium turns its murderous gaze towards a child who is the embodiment of change, of love, of piercing hope: a child who is both Psy . . . and changeling.

To find the lost, protect the vulnerable and save Trinity no one can stand alone. This is a time of loyalty across divisions, of bonds woven into the heart and the woul, of heroes known and unknown standing back to back and holding the line. But is an allegiance of honour even possible wiht traitors lurking in their midst?

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5 stars)

ALLEGIANCE OF HONOUR by Nalini Singh is the fifteenth book in her brilliant Psy-Changeling series. This book marks the start of a new series arc, and as such the story focuses on some familiar characters within the Psy-Changeling universe. During the first series arc a lot changed in the Psy-Changeling world, and the Trinity Accord holds a lot of promise for the future – that is, if it survives. Psys, Changelings and Humans need to band together if the new peace is to last, but there are factions that want the world to return to how it was before Silence fell.

This book was everything I expected from Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series. I really enjoyed catching up with some of the characters from the previous fourteen books, and I have to say I’m liking the direction that the series looks to be heading – one of my favourite parts of the series has always been the changing dynamics between the Psys, the Changelings and the humans. ALLEGIANCE OF HONOUR covers a wide range of characters, allowing us to gain a better view of just how the Trinity Accord is doing. And I really liked the fact that this also allowed us to check in with some familiar faces, and find out a little more about how they are doing.

The plot of ALLEGIANCE OF HONOUR is two-fold: first, the plot focuses on the Trinity Accord and what is going on because of that; second, the plot focuses on the lives of several familiar faces, with others playing roles as secondary characters. So, in a lot of ways the structure of this book is very similar to previous ones, though the focus is on more characters. This book sets up the rest of the second arc of the series; Singh reveals just enough to leave me desperate to read the next book, whilst at the same time making ALLEGIANCE OF HONOUR feel like a complete story.

As the blurb mentions no character names, I’ve been debating how I want to write this section of my review. On the one hand I don’t want to spoil you, on the other I really want to talk about how awesome it is to be reunited with some of the characters and to see how they’re doing. As ALLEGIANCE OF HONOUR is about the success of the Trinity Accord it does kind of give away some of the characters that make an appearance in this book. There are also some surprises too. This is definitely a book to pick up if you’ve enjoyed the Psy-Changeling series so far and want to see how things are going.

If you have read and enjoyed Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling series so far then you will not be disappointed by ALLEGIANCE OF HONOUR. This book builds upon the events of the fourteen books before it and tells a fantastic story. As Singh mentions in the author’s note at the beginning of this book, ALLEGIANCE OF HONOUR signals the start of a new arc in the series and I for one cannot wait to see where it leads if the events of this book are anything to go by.

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