Bout of Books 16 Day 7 & Wrap-up!


Sunday was the final day of Bout of Books 16, and to be honest I took it pretty easy. I only read 36 pages of the illustrated HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE. Not even close to my 100 page target, but oh well.

My first goal of Bout of Books 16 was to read 700 pages – in the end I read 870 pages, which I’m very pleased with. My second goal was to take part in a Twitter chat – I took part in the Saturday one, well about half of it, but I’m still counting it! And my final goal was to take part in 2 challenges – in the end I took part in 5: introduce yourself #insixwords, Show off Your Shelves Photo Challenge, 5 favourites, If You Like this, Try This, and Share Your Favourite Moments of Bout of Books. So I achieved all my goals, and had a great Bout of Books I think.

If you’re thinking of signing-up for the next Bout of Books it’s on 22nd August 2016 to the 28th August 2016 and you can find out more here.

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