Bout of Books – Starting the Final Straight (Day 5)

Day 5.

Today procrastination was very much my king.

With just pages left until the end of EVERNEATH I found it very hard to motivate myself to start. For a while I crawled along a page at a time, having to stop and walk away at the end of them. Then I had to take a break from reading altogether for several hours, and when I got back I finally forced myself to read without stopping. I’m glad I did, as I really enjoyed the last little bit of EVERNEATH – there will be a review for it up at some point in the future.

I think I am going to leave it here for today’s bout of books, and start a fresh tomorrow.

Books Read Today: 1
Pages Read Today: 43
Total Pages: 711

2 thoughts on “Bout of Books – Starting the Final Straight (Day 5)

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