Bout of Books – Continuing the Momentum (Day 2)

Day 2.

After the success of yesterday, it wasn’t as difficult to pick up DANCE OF SHADOWS and dive straight back in. In fact, I managed to find the time to complete it and write a review for it (which won’t be going up for a while, sorry). I’m very happy. This is the first book I have managed to finish reading since the end of April, which while it doesn’t seem that long ago also means I’m not getting through my TBR pile. I am VERY pleased with today’s reading progress. Hopefully this will continue on into tomorrow 🙂

Books Read Today: 1
Pages Read Today: 242
Books Completed: 1 – DANCE OF SHADOWS
Total Pages: 346

6 thoughts on “Bout of Books – Continuing the Momentum (Day 2)

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