Review: Wolf Pact by Melissa de la Cruz

Wolf Pact by Melissa de la Cruz

Title: Wolf Pact (Wolf Pact I-IV)
Author: Melissa de la Cruz
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult
Publisher: Atom (25th September 2012)

Once enslaved in the darkest pits of the underworld, Lawson and his pack were destined to become the Hounds of Hell. Escaping to earth bought them a little time, but their old masters soon catch up with them and take away the one thing Lawson is desperate to keep hold of – the girl he loves.

Now, Lawson needs to hunt the beasts he was running from if there’s any chance to seeing her again.

When Bliss, a mysterious ex-vampire, turns up on her own to search for the Hounds it seems she might hold information that will help. But will she be able to trust this insolent, dangerously good-looking boy when she knows that he has a wolf’s soul?

Rating: **** (4 stars)

Wolf Pact is a spin-off novel from Melissa de la Cruz’s brilliant Blue Blood series, which is why I picked it up. It is also contains a character from her Witches of the East book, though there doesn’t appear to be a direct link between the stories. Wolf Pact is a brilliant read, and does not read at all like an adjunct to Blue Bloods, once I started reading I was quickly engulfed in the world and before I knew it I’d reached the end.

I would not advise reading Wolf Pact if you haven’t read at least some of the Blue Bloods series, not because it would take anything from the book, but because there is a lot of back story to Bliss’s presence in the book that isn’t really covered in Wolf Pact, but does feature prominently in the Blue Bloods series. Wolf Pact could be read as a stand-alone (I think) but it does contain some spoilers for the Blue Bloods series.

I found Wolf Pact a really interesting and engrossing read. A LOT happens in the book. Melissa de la Cruz provides a lot of information about the wolves and hell hounds, and there is a very definite feel that something is going on in the background – you’ll have a pretty good idea of what, if you’ve read her Blue Blood novels. Although there is a lot of information and action in the book I didn’t feel overwhelmed, nor did I get confused – so kudos Melissa.

Wolf Pact‘s narrative is split between Lawson’s and Bliss’s point of view. Splitting the narrative like this allows us, as the reader, to know and see things we otherwise wouldn’t, and I think it works really well. I really enjoyed Lawson as a main character. He is very much a hero, but he’s also selfish and a little impulsive. I know Bliss from the Blue Bloods, so it was nice to hear her voice again in this book. Having her as one of the main characters really works, and she serves to link the two series brilliantly. On the whole Melissa de la Cruz did a good job with the Lawson’s pack.

If you’ve read the Blue Bloods series then you should definitely check this book out, as it answers some questions and poses some more. I hope Melissa de la Cruz writes more in this series – I would love to watch things grow and develop – and I’m hoping that at least some of the characters will turn up in the final Blue Bloods novel. Overall, this was a great read.

2 thoughts on “Review: Wolf Pact by Melissa de la Cruz

  1. Awesome!!! I was wondering when this book was coming out. I have the Blue Blood series and I love them. I can’t wait to read this one. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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