Review: If I Die by Rachel Vincent

Soul Screamers #5 Cover

If I Die by Rachel Vincent, UK edition cover.

Title: If I Die (Soul Screamers #5)
Author: Rachel Vincent
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult
Publisher: MiraInk (3rd February 2012)


As a teen banshee, Kaylee’s blood-curdling screams are a death knell for others. Yet she never expected to see her own name at the top of a reaper’s list.

Scheduled to die within days, Kaylee knows her magic can’t change her fate. Worse, on top of worrying about her own demise, she needs to save mortal best friend Emma from the clutches of a deadly Netherworld creature.

As Kaylee’s time on earth slips away, troubled banshee boyfriend Nash and his reaper brother Tod refuse to give up on Kaylee. They’re ready to unearth murky family secrets to give her a last chance at life, as their fight to save Kaylee becomes a battle for her love.

Rating: ***** (5 stars)

I have enjoyed reading the first four books in Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamer series, so of course I had to get this – the fifth – book. If I Die continues teen banshee Kaylee’s story as she discovers that she is on a reaper’s list.

If I Die has to be my favourite book in the Soul Screamers so far. This book is Rachel Vincent at her best. There’s tension, and laughter, and a mystery, and love, and friendship. It’s really interesting to watch not only Kaylee, but her friends and family, cope with the fact that she is going to die. I totally got Kaylee’s reaction, and thought Vincent did a brilliant job showing the different ways in which everyone coped (or tried to).

Nash and Tod really come to the fore in this book. Kaylee is really important to both of them, and it shows. I had a  feeling that I knew how it was going to play out, as I thought several good points had been made inMy Soul to Steal, and I hoped. Sabine also comes to the fore in this book; I thought Vincent placed her in an interesting position, so I enjoyed watching her actions and reactions in this book.

I really enjoyed the love and friendship aspects of this book, and I think Vincent does everyone justice. The mystery aspect was handled with Vincent’s usual charm, and the climax of the book was spectacular. I thought it was kinda obvious how things were going to play out, but there were definitely some surprises along the way. I look forward to reading Before I Wake the penultimate (I think) book in the series.

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