Review: My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent

Soul Screamers #4

My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent

Title: My Soul to Steal (Soul Screamers #4)
Author: Rachel Vincent
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Young Adult
Publisher: MiraInk (21st October 2011)


Working things out with Nash – her maybe boyfriend – is hard for Kaylee. She’s already coping with being a teenage banshee. Worse, Nash’s gorgeous ex-girlfriend just transferred to their school.

Sabine’s no ordinary girl. She’s a mara, a real-life walking nightmare. Draining people’s energy through their darkest dreams sustains Sabine . . . and makes her Kaylee’s top suspect in a cluster of sup-creepy deaths.

To win back Nash, Kaylee’s determined to unearth the truth. But Sabine knows the deathly secrets of Kaylee’s subconscious – and she’s not afraid to use them to get whatever and whoever she wants . . .

Rating: **** (4 stars)

My Soul to Steal is the fourth book in Rachel Vincent’s brilliant Soul Screamers series. It continues the story of Kaylee and her friends as they struggle against the forces of the Netherworld.

My Soul to Steal was a brilliant continuation of the Soul Screamers series, and an exciting and enthralling read. I especially loved the introduction of Sabine. She not only to spiced up the plot, but she also delivered a few home truths to Kaylee (who was kind enough to return the favour). There was one truth in particular, which Tod later reiterates, that I totally agreed with as I was complaining about it in my head as I read.

This book reunites us with Kaylee, Nash, Tod, and Emma. The book starts about two weeks after the end of My Soul to Keep, so Kaylee is still reeling from the events of the book – as are Nash and Tod.  And, as I mentioned earlier, we meet a new face in the form of Sabine. I think they make an interesting group. There was certainly a LOT of drama in the book, which helped to make it difficult to put the book down.

The plot was really engrossing, and there were more than a few twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. It was really interesting to watch Kaylee respond to Sabine. It was also nice to see Kaylee struggle through her jealousy to try and find out what was really going on – though she did have some prodding to help her.

Overall I think My Soul to Steal is a brilliant addition to the Soul Screamers series. I look forward to reading the next book.

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