Bout of Books – Crossing the Start Line (Day 1)

Day 1.

They say that starting a task is the most daunting part. And it’s scarily true. Beginning is, for me at least, always the hardest part. Staring at the blank box as I write a blog post or review, and trying to fill it with text that is coherent and (hopefully) gets my point across. I have that trouble with books too. Even ones I am dying to get into. I always end up procrastinating before I force myself to begin. I mean, what if they don’t live up to my expectations? What if I don’t like them?!

Starting this Bout of Books was no different. It took me most of the day to get around to picking up DANCE OF SHADOWS, and I’d already read the first chapter. All that worry, and tension was for nothing though as once I started the pages just flew by and I reached my allotted goal in an hour rather than the two I had set aside. That was the only thing I achieved today, really. I had intended to join the Twitter Chat but I forgot it was my turn to do dinner tonight, so I couldn’t make it.

All in all, I think day one went surprisingly well. Fingers crossed this will continue into day two, hopefully minus the procrastination but I’m not holding my breath!

Books Read Today: 1
Pages Read Today: 104

5 thoughts on “Bout of Books – Crossing the Start Line (Day 1)

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